"Thom Bennett is the most versatile writer I know. "

Melodie Campbell, winner of the Derringer and
Arthur Ellis Awards for mystery writing.

Thom Bennett

Detective Thriller Book I

The Death Merchants

Detective Thriller Book II

The Man With Hemingway's Face

Short Story Collection

13 Tales From The Dark

Short Story Collection

Promises and Other Tales of White Lies

Short Story Collection

The Christmas House - 12 Tales of Holiday Magic

Children's Book

The Halloween Fog

A Play Novel

Ravens Cliff

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Thom has a masterful approach to bringing storytelling to the stage.  Here are just a few of his current offerings.

Club Dead

Welcome to Santa Verde, a tropical paradise where the puppet master provides exotic, fantasy vacations for the rich and adventurous.

Dark Rituals

Deep in the northern woods, world famous anthropologist, Anne McCauley, is researching the dark rituals of America's First Nations.

Ravens Cliff

During a tropical storm in the summer of 1939, light keeper Mark Gordon falls to his death from atop the RavensCliffe lighthouse.

The Prisoner of Zenda

The Prisoner of Zenda dramatizes the perilous and romantic adventures of Rudolf Rassendyll, an English gentleman, in the fictional kingdom of Ruritania.

Return To Wonderland

When Santa Claus arrives in Wonderland to announce that someone has stolen his toys, Alice is quick to discover that the culprit is none other than the evil Ace of Spades.

Coming Soon

Reader Testimonials

Thom has been writing since he was a boy and over the years, has received hundreds upon hundreds of reviews.
Here are some of his most recent ones.
Martin Jenkins

Martin Jenkins, Amazon Review

The Death Merchants found a good balance between the classic detective archetype and the inclusion of unique characters and novel settings. It feels authentic and natural, and I really enjoyed the writing and the way it was paced.

Melodie Campbell

Melodie Campbell, winner of the Derringer and Arthur Ellis Awards for mystery writing

If your choice of fiction is hard boiled thrillers reminiscent of Chinatown, you won’t go wrong with Thom Bennett’s The Death Merchants. I loved the literary and stage references, the humor and the wonderful sense of time. The 1959 Toronto setting is spot-on, the dialogue a delight, and the tough guy protagonist, Cass Gentry, is just the right amount of a gentleman” ---sophisticated, but all male. Thom Bennett is the most versatile writer I know.

Jessica Dixon

  Jessica Dixon, Facebook Review

The Death Merchants was an entertaining thriller with a riveting plot and memorable characters. It kept me locked in until the very end. An amazing story, set in a very different time ... 1959.

Jean Kitchen

Jean Kitchen, Advance Review on Facebook

The Man With Hemingway’s Face was a page turning thriller. Looking forward to the next Cass Gentry adventure.

Chris Painter

Chris Painter, Google Play Books

The Death Merchants was hard to stop once I started. Great read, indeed.


"Thom Bennett is the most versatile writer I know. "



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