Return To Wonderland

A Family Fantasy

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"Return to Wonderland is a rollicking comedy with lots of audience participation. 
Fun for the whole family any time of the year!"

Return To Wonderland

Return To Wonderland

When Santa Claus arrives in Wonderland to announce that someone has stolen his toys, Alice is quick to discover that the culprit is none other than the evil Ace of Clubs. Gathering the support of such Wonderland regulars as the Duchess, the Mad Hatter, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and the Queen of Hearts, Alice adds the services of a weird Wizard who gets all his spells mixed-up, a troupe of bumbling Spade Guards, a delightfully wacky Witch and a mysterious female rabbit who acts as the catalyst for the play's frenetic action.

In the manner of a traditional fantasy quest story, the hunt is on to save Santa's toys. Amidst spells-gone-wrong, exciting plot twists, and a hilarious wickedest witch contest, Return to Wonderland will thrill audiences of all ages and answer all the cliffhanger questions that end the first act of the play: Will Santa get his toys back in time to save Christmas? Will the wicked, old Witch end up with the evil Ace of Clubs? Who is the mysterious Ms. she really a furry, carrot-eating bunny who tells confusing riddles, or is she some secret agent sent to help Alice? All will be revealed as audiences happily Return to Wonderland.


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Play Description

Full-Length Play
Quest Story
Single Set
2 Acts
90 minutes

Time Period - Anytime

Settings Of Play - Various places in Wonderland, a timeless place that lives in the hearts of children of all ages.

Sound & Light FX

Single, Exterior Set

Projected Images (if desired)

Musical Bridges & Themes (if desired)

Audience Participation

A Live, Wickedest Witch Contest


Flashing Strobe Lights

Quest, Revenge, Good vs Evil, Crime Doesn't Pay

Family, Child (Age 4 - 12), Senior

College Theatre, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Professional Theatre, Elementary & Secondary Schools, Second Stage, Combination of Community Theatre and Schools


4m, 8f, 10 flexible

Alice (f)
Tweedledum (flex)
Tweedledee (flex)
White Rabbit (flex)
Duchess (f)
Cook (flex)
Humpty Dumpty (flex)
Ace of Clubs (m)
Queen of Hearts (f)
King of Hearts (m)
7 of Spades (flex)
5 of Spades (flex)
4 of Spades (flex)
1 1/2 of Spades (flex)
Santa Claus (m)
Wizard (m)
Ms. Rabbit (f)
Gertrude H. Witch (f)
Priscilla Vanilla (f)
Petulia Poison (f)
Vladicia the Grunt (flex)
Queen Mother (f)

Color blind casting, Minority casting, Mixed Ages Casting, Very Flexible Gender Casting

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