The Curse of Shadow Island

A Two-Act Thriller

Sandy Macdonald

Sandy Macdonald

The Curse of Shadow Island is a blend of hauntings, humor, and just plain bloody murder.

The Curse of Shadow Island

The Curse of Shadow Island

During a tropical storm in the summer of 1939, lightkeeper Mark Gordon fell to his death from atop the Shadow Island lighthouse. Most people believed that his fall was due to the gale force winds that were lashing the isolated island. Some disagreed, claiming that the cause of his death was not of this world, but rather a supernatural act of revenge. Regardless, the lighthouse was decommissioned soon after, and Gordon's widow and two children turned the island into a thriving summer resort.

Shadow Island became the home of a world-class training facility for aspiring tennis players and competition boaters. Now, twenty years later, Diane Wentworth and her teenage daughter, Emma, have come to Shadow Island Resort for a week of tennis lessons and relaxation. However, the lighthouse, where they are staying, appears to be haunted by a mystery so frightening they may not leave the resort alive. Like the spiral stairs inside the lighthouse, the twists and turns of the plot will take audiences on an edge-of-the-seat journey, where no one in the cast is what s/he appears to be, and where some of the players will not survive to the final curtain!

Shadow Island, A Two Act Play is a modern Gothic thriller of revenge and family conflict. It is performed in two acts, is played out on a single set, features a cast of six actors (4F, 2M), and runs approximately 90 minutes plus an intermission. This presentation manuscript promises to be a frighteningly fun experience for anyone who enjoys a good thriller! Theater producers and directors will love it---especially the bonus offer, inside, for production and duplication rights!


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Play Description

Full-length Play
Single Set
2 Acts
90 minutes

Time Period – Scene 1: 1939; Remainder: 1959
Setting of Play: Living room of the former lighthouse keepers’ residence; affixed to the lighthouse tower. 

Sound & Light FX
Single, Interior Set
Musical Themes & Period Music
Period Costumes & Set Pieces 

Gun Shots

Greed, Family Conflict, Supernatural vs Reality

Adult, Senior, Mature Teen

College Theatre, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Professional Theatre, Second Stage, Fringe Groups


4f, 4m (with possible doubling)

Scene One – 1939
Mary Gordon (early forties)
Mark Gordon (early forties)
K-Ann Gordon (14, offstage voice)

Balance of Play – 1959
K-Ann Gordon (34 yrs.)
Diane Wentworth (39 yrs.)
Emma Wentworth (17 yrs.)
Wayne Gordon (35 yrs.)
Mary Gordon (early sixties)
Guy Scott (early to mid-forties) 

Color blind casting, Minority casting, Doubling, Strong roles for males and females

N/A (Not a musical)

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